Kerala Cultural and Welfare Association (KCWA) was established in 1975, as a voluntary community organisation with the central aim of bringing together the members of the Malayalee community in Croydon, through the promotion of various arts and sports, cultural, academic and welfare services . Now, with a population of more than 5000 members in and around Croydon, we aim to support both children and adults alike who face many challenges in striving to meet their own ambitions and aspirations. The Association runs eleven regular activities every week that are attended by more than 300 people, 80% of whom are children.

In addition to providing our youngsters with arts, sports, cultural and academic opportunities, these activities provide an ideal platform for our youngsters to develop extra curricular skills as well as allowing the Association to constantly engage with the Community. The reputation of our dance class has increased through their participation and resulting achievements in competitions nationwide, clearly demonstrating the commitment and talent of our students, the hard work and dedication of our teachers, and continued support and interest shown by the parents. We wholeheartedly thank all those who give up their time voluntarily to serve the community.
There is no strength without unity, or unity without strength. Thus not only does the Association aim to bring together the Malayalees in Croydon, but also work with other communities in the borough and beyond. Social and Cultural cohesion is an essential aspect in the progression of society as a whole in our multicultural environment, and every community, regardless of its size, beliefs and background should aim to interact in this manner to share experience and expertise for mutual benefit and create and maintain understanding and tolerance. This is a goal which the Association are fully aware of and aspire to achieve.

We are greatly indebted to all members of the community for their continuing support and participation in our voluntary activities. Anyone who interested to join KCWA and participate its activities please contact the Association.

Charity Reg No: 1131931

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