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KCWA participated in the UUKMA Kalamela 2017 competitions first time in its history. Although the competition is held in various events; KCWA mainly focussed on the cinematic dance entries; Kids, Sub-Junior and Junior groups, Kaikotty kali and some solo performance in classical, cinematic, fancy-dress and singing competition. KCWA manage to win 1st place in Kids, Sub-Junior and junior cinematic groups, 1st place in Junior Bharathanatiyam, and 1st place in Junior fancy-dress; 2nd place in Kid’s singing, Kid’s cinematic dance, junior cinematic dance; and 3rd place in the Kaikotty kali. We are disappointed with the outcome of the Kaikotty kali as we believe we deserve a better result. All our winners will be competing on UUKMA’s National competition at the end of this month.

As a result of our performance; KCWA managed to secure 2nd runner-up’s position in the South East region on its first year’s performance with a limited number of entries. This was indeed a remarkable achievement; it’s all down to KCWA dance student’s hard work and our teacher’s dedication and determination to train their students to an advanced standard. KCWA like to thank all participants especially our Dance school students for their remarkable achievement in our first UUKMA competition. Thank you so much and we are expecting a polished performance from you all in the UUKMA’s national competition later this month. Special thanks go to Sruthi Anil who done extremely well in this competition and just missed out her ‘Kalathilam’ in her group with a minute margin. KCWA will have a wider participation in the UUKMA competition in the coming years.





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