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KCWA 2018 Dates

KCWA matrimony

KCWA invites application from students who wish to apply for this year's A-Level/GCSE awards for Croydon and surrounding boroughs & all UK. Award ceremony will be in October, venue, date and other details will be published in due course.

Awards are given in the following categories

  1. Best GCSE AWARD (All UK)
  2. Best A LEVEL AWARD (All UK)
  3. Best GCSE AWARD - (Croydon & surrounding Boroughs)
  4. Runner-up GCSE AWARD - (Croydon & surrounding Boroughs)
  5. Best A LEVEL AWARD - (Croydon & surrounding Boroughs)
  6. Runner-up A LEVEL AWARD - (Croydon & surrounding Boroughs)


Closing Date: 20th September 2017

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KCWA matrimony

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